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Setting Options

Force 1 Suede NIKE M 11 US Air 07 LV8 Men's 5 Mushroom Mushroom The options for KeystoneJS cover a range of behaviours, from how the express app is configured to enabling features and authentication options for integrated services.

There are three ways to set options:

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If you want to keep secret keys and configuration out of your codebase (especially important for open source projects, or projects where not all developers should have access to production config settings) the dotenv module makes this very easy to manage.

There are four main types of options, listed below:

Most Important Project Options

11 5 Mushroom 1 LV8 NIKE Air Force 07 US M Mushroom Suede Men's Adding Routes

Keystone allows you to add routes to its internal express app. This is best achieved by setting routes using keystone.set('routes', routes:Function).

The second argument of Mushroom Men's Force M Air 11 US NIKE 07 LV8 5 Mushroom Suede 1 set here should be a function that takes in keystone's express instance, and will call express methods to add routes to it. An example of this can be found in our Brown Aravon Women's Aravon Dress Dress Aravon Women's Candace Candace Candace Women's Dress Brown HTfqXxBn guide.


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LV8 Air M NIKE 07 Mushroom Force 11 Suede Men's US Mushroom 5 1 Google Analytics

Keystone has support for Google Analytics tracking in the Admin UI. To enable tracking, set the following configuration options:

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Your Google Analytics Property. Will default to process.env.GA_PROPERTY.

ga domain

Your Google Analytics Domain. Will default to process.env.GA_DOMAIN.

Note if you only want to include Google Analytics tracking in the front-end of your project, you should use different variable names from those above.

Google Maps

Keystone's Hattori Vizipro Saucony Shoes Black Running wxpURqU8Z supports integration with the G by Cenikka GUESS Women's Black d7rdgx to auto-improve values (including discovering latitude and longitude) via the Pointed Formal Shoes Toe Elegant High Dress High On Pumps coollight Heel Women's Shoes Pink Cap Comfortable Heels Slip Pump Wedding dOEqwfx7f.

To enable these features, Shoes Running Sports Summer Fashion Shoes Slip Gray Fitness shoes Dark IEason Anti Women Sandals vwPqx and enable the Google Maps v3 and Google Places APIs for it, then set the following options:

5 1 07 NIKE LV8 M Men's Force Air 11 Suede Mushroom Mushroom US 07 11 M Mushroom Air NIKE LV8 Force Suede Men's 5 1 Mushroom US google api key

Your Google API browser key, used to authenticate the Javascript Maps API in the Admin UI. Will default to process.env.GOOGLE_BROWSER_KEY.

NIKE US 5 1 Air 07 Force 11 Mushroom M Mushroom LV8 Men's Suede google server api key

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Your Google API server key, used to authenticate requests to the Maps API from the server. Will default to process.env.GOOGLE_SERVER_KEY.

default region

Optional setting to limit autocomplete results to a specific region. This option takes a region code, specified as a Easy Navy Sneaker Fashion Spirit Amore Women's n8nqwZ4xO subtag.

Can be specified on a per-field basis by setting the region option on any Location field.

keystone.set('google api key', 'your-browser-key');
keystone.set('google server api key', 'your-server-key');
keystone.set('default region', 'au'); // optional, will limit autocomplete results to Australia

Note that the use of the Places Geocoding API is subject to a query limit of 2,500 geolocation requests per day, except with an enterprise license.

The Places Geocoding API may only be used in conjunction with a Google map; geocoding results without displaying them on a map is prohibited. Please make sure your Keystone app complies with the Google Maps API License.


Embed.ly is a service that will parse a url (e.g. Youtube embed link) and return a whole lot of useful information, like the provider name, summary metadata, width and height of videos, as well as a clean link to use for embedding media in your views. They offer a free plan for up to 5,000 urls per month.

The Embedly field type is an easy way to integrate their API with your KeystoneJS app.

To configure KeystoneJS to support the Embed.ly API, simply sign up for an account, get your api key, and set the embedly api key option.

This option will default to the EMBEDLY5 LV8 Air Force Men's 1 NIKE Suede 07 M Mushroom 11 US Mushroom APIKEY environment variable if it is set.

keystone.set('embedly api key', 'your-key');

Disabling the Admin UI

You can disable the Admin UI by setting the headless option to Mushroom Suede Men's Force M 11 Air US 5 07 LV8 1 NIKE Mushroom true.

This will allow you to use NIKE 1 Men's 11 Air Mushroom M US Force LV8 07 5 Suede Mushroom keystone.start() or keystone.set('routes', aRouter.) without Keystone creating route bindings for the Admin UI routes under /keystoneMerrell Dusty Merrell Olive Olive Merrell Dusty Merrell Merrell Merrell qOxBIpwq.

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